See Uploaded files for Directions for the essay. Books to be compared: Life and

See Uploaded files for Directions for the essay.Books to be compared: Life and Death in the Third Reich by Peter Fritzsche and Hitler’s Furies by Wendy Lower.Both of these books attempt to explain the appeal of Nazism to the Germans. Their respective focus is both distinct and overlapping. Fritzsche delas with Germans of both Genders throughout the course of the dictatorship. Wendy Lower focuses on young women who helped colonize the eastern territories during the Second World War. Each book grapples with the appeal of the Nazi dictatorship, how it was understood and ( often) supported by those who live with it, and how it was rationalized and explained as it came to its disastrous end.This essay involves a review of these two books. Please include:1. How does each one interpret the Nazi Third Reich and its appeal?2. What conclusions can we draw about the Nazi dictatorship and the German people from the two books?The paper should be based on the evidence and arguments presented by the two historians(authors). The paper should be double spaced and approximately 10 pages long. Use parenthetical citation (example, Lower, p.95.) The paper will be graded on clarityof presentation, your grasp of the historians’ respective arguments and your use of evidence from the two books to illustrate your points.Please follow deadlines…paper needs to be submitted by 5/9 for review & edits etc…Please reach out with any questions.Thank you

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