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At the end of the class, you will be required to post a self-assessment on your Digital Portfolio that demonstrates the extent to which you have made progress toward each of the class’ learning objectives. This should be a brief summary of evidence that draws from from your pre- and postreflections, as well as any other sources (including personal experience, or achievements in other classes). It should illustrate the degree to which you can demonstrate your learning and abilities against each learning objective. Your self-assessment can be informal, and it should be relatively short. Your aim should be to show the course instructor what you have learned, so that they can rapidly assess your progress. Simply citing a reflection as evidence of achieving a learning objective is insufficient, as the course instructor will not have the time to evaluate the reflection in question. Rather, you should include explicit evidence of your achievement within your self-reflection by excerpting and explaining parts of your reflections, or explicitly describing how presented evidence demonstrates your progress. Your self-assessment will be graded based on the extent to which it illustrates progress toward each of the course learning objectives. Evidence of substantial progress toward each objective will be graded an A (or A+ if evidence of progress is exceptional). Limited progress, or limited evidence, will result in a self-assessment grade of B or lower. You are strongly advised to start collecting material and evidence for your self assessment early in the course.
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