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In this assignment, I need just outline for chapter 4 then add it to my paper
Chapter 4: Summary statement and recommendation, including implications for human resource development field and knowledge base of HRD practitioners
 What did you learn from the exploration of the literature? Are there specific conclusions that were reached as a result of your exploration?
 What is missing that you feel deserves further exploration/research – how would you expand the area of exploration?
 What did your review tell you that has implications for the practice of HRD?
 Explain how this issue is currently addressed in the HRD community? Are there gaps in current HRD practices?
 Are there new areas of work that are not fully developed or not currently part of the HRD functions or responsibilities?
 What would you specifically recommend as a result of your review of this topic?
 How would these concerns be shared with HRD professionals? Are there implications for the current listing of HRD competencies?
 Identify areas for future study or exploration that may be warranted

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