Sitting in her office late on Friday afternoon

Sitting in her office late on Friday afternoon, CEO Nancy Warner thought about how happy she was to have the job.  “The opportunity to do what I love to do and find ways to make Community Hospital a great place to work has given me purpose in life,” she thought. Community Hospital in rural Oklahoma is the only hospital immediately accessible to the area’s 40,000 inhabitants.Nancy Warner grew up on a farm in the area, went to a local community college to be a nurse, got a master’s degree in health management, and a year and half ago became the CEO of Community Hospital.  She loved the opportunity and believed that part of her job was to make employees feel appreciated and enable them to be good employees.Later,  on  Friday  afternoon,  Nancy’s  good  week  changed  suddenly.    HR  Director  Ted  Perry brought  to  her  attention  a  problem  with  employee  Joe  Trosh.    Joe,  a  maintenance  worker,  had been reprimanded by his supervisor for his tardiness, and during a meeting with HR Director Perry to discuss his attendance problems, HR Director Perry noticed a bulge under Joe’s work jacket.  Upon inquiry, Joe stated that he had a permit to carry a concealed handgun.  He went on to say that several of his fellow employees were not easy to get along with and on occasion they might “fly off the handle.”He  wanted  to  be  prepared  just  in  case  something  happened.    He  pointed  out  most  of  the maintenance workers were “good old boys” with gun racks in their pick-up trucks that they had parked  in the employee parking areas.  Joe told HR director Perry and his supervisor, “the law allows me to carry a concealed weapon for self-defense purposes.”  Joe Trosh was  on occasion had been subjected to “Addiction jokes” from fellow employees. He is Native American and enjoys going to the casino nearby and gambling in general.  He speaks often of his gambling pursuits to his co-workers.  Some of the hospital employees did not appreciate the presence of a gambling casino at a nearby reservation because the casino provided little tax revenue to the local community yet provided an unhealthy, addictive behavior.Joe had worked for the hospital for approximately five years and was considered to be a competent employee.  An investigation revealed that several other Native American employees who visit the nearby casino said they had been “harassed by co-workers” for indulging in an addiction to gambling. Nancy Warner was disturbed about these developments.1. Do you believe that Joe Trosh has the right to carry a concealed weapon in the hospital due to being harassed for visiting casinos?

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Part IA: The Purpose of the Report and the ProblemThe purpose of the report is to solve the problem of whether or not Joe Trosh has the right to carry a concealed weapon in the hospital as a reason for self-defense against discrimination and harassment from the staff of a rural hospital in Oklahoma.   According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, harassment is “ PLACE A STATEMENT FROM”The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission outlined that “harassment ’’ on the basis of race/color discrimination means   [Write in your own words the EEOC definition for harassment here.  Check this link to help you explain the definition. ]Hirsch (2018) stated regarding the impact of discrimination on , “Write a statement from the Hirsch Article here.  Check out this link for help:”Harassment based on stereotypes can affect an organization’s decision making process in many ways such as [Write in your own words haw harassment based on stereotyped can affect an organization’s decision making process.]It is important for managers to have knowledge of the Second Amendment right to bear arms and U.S. Supreme Court Cases that examined this issue because it will protect the hospital from legal issues [Mention the name of a U.S. Supreme court case on the Second Amendment Right to bear arms.  See this link for more information:]A potential legal issue the Supervisor must consider is how to handle discipline decisions that involve employees who have experienced discrimination through harassment by co-workers.  
According  to  the  Oklahoma  Self-Defense  Act,  it  is  “  Place  a  quote  from  the  Oklahoma  Self-Defense Act.  See this link for more information of the Oklahoma Defense Act or page 4 of the lecture notes on Part 1 A of the research project.”
Part 1B The Research ExperienceTo perform my research, I began with online research. I used Google and searched for articles on [Write the various topics or issues that were discussed about the case scenario here.]. I have found five sources that were helpful in completing my report. The article [write the name of an article either listed in 1A or found by you that discusses one of these topics:  right to bear harms, discrimination or harassment based on discrimination], explains that [finish this sentence with a short explanation of the article.]  The article, [mention the name of the article] is useful for Part II and Part III of my report because [Give a final reason why this article will be help for writing the recommendation section of the research project]. The Cornell Law School websites provide information for [ write an explanation on how this website is helpful] . This resource will be useful for Part IV, when I’m making my personal perspective. I also found it helpful to read [name the statue for the Oklahoma Defense statute and why it will be useful for your research]My last resource is the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This website explains in  detail  the  legal  issues  of  [write  the  legal  issues  here  and  how  this  information  is  helpful  for research.

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