So, I was tasked to write the Evaluation part of our paper. 600-word evaluation

So, I was tasked to write the Evaluation part of our paper. 600-word evaluation of the Effectiveness criterion. Attached is the brief scope and methodology of our paper for your reference. Below are the instructions. The policy we chose for this is the Gender and Development Budget Policy and the criterion of EFFECTIVENESS will be applied. Attached are also the files that we used for data gathering. Feel free to ask for clarifications.Your group shall assess any intervention by utilizing one of the criteria in the OECD Framework.The subject intervention could be a government policy or a program carried out by anyimplementing entity (i.e., government, NGO, private institution) that addresses a specific publicissue in the Philippines. Your 3000-word evaluation should clearly state the following:• Agency and Policy/Program Overview – brief description of the implementing entity,the implemented policy/program, and the Philippine public issue being addressed• Scope and Methodology – succinct discussion of the evaluation criterion and specificindicators to be used, as well as the supporting documents used for this evaluation• Key Issues and Challenges – discussions on the issues and challenges encountered bythe implementing entity relative to the policy or program, including actual actionstaken by the same entity.• Evaluation – discussion of assessments vis-à-vis the indicators that comprise theselected evaluation criterion.• Recommendation/s – a concise statement of proposed actions• References

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