Social Inequality: The Most Significant Predictor of Health.

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Consequently, society is affected as common matters like businesses involving these sick people are disturbed, as well. Because of this, social theorists have come to explore how societies view health and the diseases and illnesses that afflict people. Although there are five main perspectives on health, which also contribute noteworthy theories, the author of this paper believes that, ultimately, social inequality is the most significant predictor of health.There are five main perspectives on society and health. however, only one is deemed by this author to be most appropriate—although other perspectives also contribute a significant view of health within society.
The first one is the Functionalist Perspective, which views diseases and illnesses as “dysfunctional” both for the person who is sick and for society at large (Kendall, Murray and Linden 2007: 561). This is considered to be so because sick individuals cannot successfully perform their roles in society due to their respective afflictions (Kendall, Murray and Linden 2007: 561). Therefore, a sick person is expected by society to do all that he or she can in order to get better and become a functional member of society again.

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Due to this dysfunction brought about by illnesses and diseases, society should then “establish boundaries that define who is legitimately sick” and expect from them certain roles (Kendall, Murray and Linden 2007: 561). Hence, there are five main “sick roles” that are deemed fitting for sick people (Kendall, Murray, and Linden 2007: 561). However, because persons are not all the same and the sicknesses that afflict them are also varied in definition, cause, and treatment, there would always be people who would not fit inside the categories of the sick role.
Furthermore, it does not address those with chronic illnesses and disabilities (Kendall, Murray and Linden 2007: 561). Hence, this perspective is not enough to fully encapsulate how health and ill health function in society.
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