Must have the book Social problems: Societal Crisis, Capitalism, & Democracy by KIm Macinnis
must make references from the book and use citations as outside research and sources are forbidden and will result in a failing grade.
Choose a film from the list provided
– Do not summarize the film. You can include a few sentences describing the main theme but if you summarize the entire film, you will lose significant points.
– Choose an article from the textbook and write about how it relates to the film. It must be apparent that you are including material from the article. Use citations when necessary. Do not use outside resources. You will lose points.
– The assignment should be an intertwining of material from the film and material from the textbook.
– You also need to include your thoughts as well.
800 word minimumThe post social-problems-contextual-film-analysis first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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