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Paper 2: What’s Your Brand?

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Brand will be gentle monster
RequirementsIt is worth 25% of your final grade.Minimum 1200 words; maximum 2000 words, type-written (12 point, Times font, 1.25” margins), double spaced and checked for grammar and spelling.Your paper should be driven by a clearly stated THESIS, which is supported by critical ANALYSIS–answering “so, what?”; “why does this matter?” “why is this important?”Your research may come from popular press (reputable news, magazine and Internet sources), but you are also required to quote from one scholarly source to support your analysis from course readings (weeks 6-15 in your syllabus; see below a list of approved authors).Citations for texts should adhere to APA 7 format. Make sure to follow correct citation practice and include a works cited page.This paper focuses on brand identity and the way it is framed for the consuming public. There are three choices below to get you to think about different ways brand identities are strategically created, presented, strengthened, and potentially challenged. Unlike our first paper, this one will be based in and driven by research which will provide information as well as support your analysis. You will:engage in observational research of a brand’s strategy identity, storytelling by visiting a physical retails space (option 3)
3) Branding Through Fashion Retail (if you choose this option, you MUST turn in notes and/or images supporting your observations)Choose a particular retail store (not a chain) and make an argument about the type of experience or story it creates by analyzing the way it constructs an interrelationship between objects (garments) and context (retail space). How does the chosen context shape the meaning of the garment(s), designer, or brand? What specific display tactics play a role in shaping these meanings? Rather than writing a general description of the retail environment, your essay should be based in an argument and supported by analysis of the environment that supports your thesis. You should analyze exterior and interior facets of the display in relation to the garments and, where relevant, the larger brand/designer and geographic context in a specific area of Los Angeles. Your site analysis will be supplemented and supported by your use of scholarly source material (see below).
It will be important to choose a unique and rich retail environment. You may NOT write about a chain store, though you may use a flagship store of a chain (e.g. Ralph Lauren in Beverly Hills) if you believe it would serve as a rich source of analysis.
Approved Sources/Authors (from weeks 6-15):Zukin, Steele, Kahn, Cheddie, Pham, Wissinger, Thompson Ford, Davis, Evans, Entwistle (Fashion Industry chapter), Briggs, D’Souza, Beard, Jackson, Crewe, Rantisi, Gilbert, Chandler/Chandler-Smith, Cosgrove, Luvaas, Kawamura, McRobbie, Le Zotte, Lifter, Thomas
EvaluationYour grade will be assessed based on the paper’s engagement with the chosen prompt. This is an ACADEMIC paper. In other words, your paper must demonstrate that you haveconstructed a clear thesis that makes an argument about a specific brand per the chosen promptdemonstrated adequate research on the brand to support your thesis and analysiscritically contemplated and analyzed the brand identity in the context of the chosen promptcarefully chosen and analyzed the SIGNIFICANCE of relevant examples to support your argumenteffectively tied in and analyzed your chosen scholarly source (based on the list above). Scholarly sources should be adequately contextualized both in the flow of your own paper and in the context of the original source. Scholarly sources should be used to substantiate the paper’s argument and/or analysis.Your grade will also be assessed based on your writing (including grammar, syntax, spelling, etc.).The paper should NOT be a summary or regurgitation of secondary sources (especially Wikipedia and other un-vetted internet sources). Essays that are purely descriptive, expository or editorial (e.g. good/bad, cool/uncool, hot/hideous) in nature will receive no higher than a “C” grade (and may be further marked down for other flaws in grammar, spelling, etc.).The paper should NOT be modeled on articles in fashion magazines nor should it be an impressionistic journal of your thoughts/observations.Papers that are clearly NOT proofread will be significantly marked down.All assignments in this class (including this paper) MUST be turned in to receive a passing grade.Late papers will be marked down.Please review your syllabus for policies regarding academic integrity.
What’s Your Brand What’s Your Brand What’s Your Brand What’s Your Brand

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