Strengths and Weaknesses of Best Practice Models for HRM Strategy.

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Strengths and Weaknesses of Best Practice Models for HRM Strategy. It needs to be at least 3000 words. The ‘Best Practice’ model provides a cost reduction focussed strategy because of the presence of the explicit and fixed-job descriptions, the repetitive tasks which emphasize efficiency and specialization. Also, the model allows for a quality focussed strategy. This strategy is in line with the job descriptions that are competency-driven, the involvement at the job level, the continuous development and training and the performance of the group and individuals targeting for the reward. However, the option offers an option for identifying the difficulties involved with the approach by pursuing the hybrid strategies as well as fitting the practices and policies of HR to the strategic focus of the 21st-century business (Boyd 2001, p. 439).
The reliance on rational planning and classical approach which do not recognize inherently the emergent and messy nature of the strategy is a disadvantage. Also, the reliance on generic and determinism competitive strategies is a significant challenge associated with the model. The model also allows for the reality alignment that focuses on fit, where the HR acts as a downstream of the strategic activity. Finally, the best fit model is disadvantageous in that it emphasizes the external context at the expense of the internal context (Boyd 2001, p. 439).
Despite of the disadvantages involved with the ‘Best Practice’ models, it can be concluded that when properly implemented, the models can be beneficial to the organization, and will facilitate the integration of competencies to boost the influence of the behaviour of the leaders towards the performance of an organization (Boyd 2001, p. 440).

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An organizational example of the best practice model is the big lottery fund in its implementation of new organizational structure aimed at developing the management capabilities as well as streamlining the structure of the business.
Technology and changes proliferation have increased the importance of strategic human resources in the modern world. Most of the greatest obstacles arise from this angle to the core strategic functions (Brandenburg 2006, p. 89). The primary challenge hindering the delivery of strategic HRM is the lack of the appropriate&nbsp.talents.
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