Students will select one of the 10 articles from their reference list to develop

Students will select one of the 10 articles from their reference list to develop a one-page (Uploaded below)summary of the article they feel provides the most important/helpful information on the topic. Think of this as a way to share the most important elements of an article with someone else who has not read it. In the write up, you’ll want to include the following elements:A brief overview of the article, including the research question, the sample, the methods, and the results.Application of the results to social work practiceThe goal of this assignment is for students to become familiar with the process of utilizing the current body of research to inform their social work practice. A sample document will be provided as a guide. Please submit either as a Word document or a PDF.Like the reference list, these one page summaries will be shred with the class. Because social workers encounter various issues and populations in practice, these one-page write ups will be helpful to inform fellow students on the current state of knowledge around each topic.

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