Students will use set criteria to evaluate and summarize information on one webs

Students will use set criteria to evaluate and summarize information on one website and one research article, which may be used as part of their papers in this course. You should be able to use this work in your Healthy Aging Analysis Project (see below). The research article must be approved by the instructor at least one week before assignments is due. It is important for students to become familiar with questions used in the critiques.On a separate page, utilize the articles to write a 1 to 2 paragraph summary of the topic. Please make sure to use in text referencing as well as a reference list at the end. As with all Felician papers a cover sheet with honor code is required. No abstract is needed for this paper, but utilization of APA will be included in grading. Please make sure to follow the Website and Article Critique Rubric.Due by 11:00pm on 5/1/22.* 10% will be deducted for each day late.Criteria for Critique of a Website:Who runs the Website? Credentials?Who pays for the Website? Bias?What is the purpose of the Website?What is the original source of the information on the Website?Comprehensiveness of information?How is the information on the Website documented?How is information reviewed before it is posted on the Website?How current is the information on the Web site?How does the Web site choose links to other sites?What information about users does the Website collect, and why? Privacy policies?How does the Website manage interactions with users?Ease of Navigation?Intended audience?Disclaimers?Site accreditation?Criteria for Critique of a research articleTitle – Does it accurately describe the article?Abstract – Is it representative of the article?Introduction – Does it make the purpose of the article clear?Statement of the problem – Is the problem properly introduced?Purpose of the study – Has the reason for conducting the research been explained?Research question(s) – Is/are the research question(s) clearly defined and if not, should they be?Theoretical framework – Is the theoretical framework described? If there is not a theoretical framework, should there be?Literature review – Is the literature review relevant to the study, comprehensive, and include recent research? Does the literature review support the need for the study?Methods – Is the design appropriate for the study? Does the sample fit with the research design and is the size sufficient? Was a data collection instrument needed? How were data collected? Were reliability and validity accounted for?Analysis – Is the analytical approach consistent with the study questions and research design?Results – Are the results presented clearly in the text, tables and figures? Are the statistics clearly explained?Discussion – Are the results explained in relationship to the theoretical framework, research questions, and the significance to nursing?Limitations – Are the limitations presented and their implications discussed?Conclusion – Are there recommendations for nursing practice, future research, and policymakers?Can you use the results and recommendations in your practice?* Based upon Framework for How to Read and Critique a Research Study by Louise Kaplan, PhD, ARNP, FNP-BC, FAANP the website you can choose whatever you’d like that has to do with living in residential settings

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