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Throughout this course, you will identify the steps in developing a research study. You will not be conducting the research or writing a full proposal; however, you will become familiar with the research process itself.
The research process contains many steps; the first is to identify a study question. Normally, a researcher will find a topic through personal or professional interest and direct it toward solving a problem. For the purpose of this course, you will select one of the topics presented below.

Childhood diabetes
Alcohol use in adolescents
Skin cancer in young women
Cardiovascular disease in the minority population
Long-term care for patients with Alzheimer’s disease
Cultural impact of posttraumatic stress disorder
Opioid crisis
Prescription drugs
Climate change
To prepare for this Discussion:

Select a topic to address from the list provided
Navigate the AHRQ, CCPH, and RAND corporation websites in the Learning Resources to learn more about research and information specific to your chosen topic
Consider how you might develop a study question and move forward with the research process

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