submit a term paper on Socio-Cultural Impacts on Tourism in Bahamas.

You will prepare and submit a term paper on Socio-Cultural Impacts on Tourism in Bahamas. Your paper should be a minimum of 1500 words in length. The researcher states that historical, geographical, legal, and social economic factors combine to make Bahamas one of the most convenient tourism destinations around the world. Tourists from Europe, America and the rest of the world flock to the Bahamas due to the appealing climate on the islands. Many of them visit the country during the adverse winter season. Many others flock to the island to savor the delights of the wonderful beaches and water, which stretch the length of the island and cays. Improvements in transport and communication contributed significantly to the rise of the Bahamas as a favorable and convenient destination for visitors. Bahamas’ nearness to Florida is often considered as an important factor that contributes positively to the rising number of tourists from the United States. Other related factors that have continued to shape the growth of the island include the sociable nature of the Bahamas population and the rich mix of cultures drawn from past and current influences and contacts. All of these factors work together to make the island one of the leading touristic places in the Caribbean. A precise appraisal of the socio-cultural impact of tourism on the Bahamas could be understood from the perspective of the cultural interaction that takes place between the tourists and the local population. The population of Bahamas comprises mostly of people of African descent. These people comprise descendants of former slaves who were settled on the island after the end of slavery. The main population has a distinct culture that combines influences from the Caribbean, American, English, and Hispanic cultures. The sum total of the influences has created a world that resonates with variety and differences across the cultural plane.
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