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Need help with my writing homework on Systems and Operations Management. Write a 4250 word paper answering; hough, e-business is one of the most hyped topics and business strategies in the corporate sector few industries are still operating in a brick and mortar model. Automobile industry is one of them and despite of covering a vast segment of the international market place, they are operating in the bricks and mortar model only. Hesterberg (2008) stated that because of the nature of the products involved in the automobile industry, the bricks and mortar model is the most suitable process for the automobile industry. However, the concept of remote operations and selling creates an opportunity for the automobile industries to develop a clicks and mortar model in the business process of the firm. The following segments of the study will focus on implementing a clicks and mortar model for an automobile company based on the United Kingdom and analyse the process of transition from bricks and mortar to clicks and mortar.
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