The Aspect of Material Culture and the Development of Art Objects.

I will pay for the following article The Aspect of Material Culture and the Development of Art Objects. The work is to be 5 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Art objects as the main discipline of American art history are believed to have traditionally begun with the North American’s European colonization in the sixteenth century and terminated with the emergence of America’s cultural, economic, and artistic superpower following the Second World War. However, in recent years, these points have been contested. Historians are currently exploring a larger cultural footprint and anglophile arty by spreading to other continental parts like Mexico and the Gulf coast while giving much focus on the native expression plus its cross-fertilization with colonial art objects of European origin (Schlereth, 1982). The ascendancy of American art objects and culture as a contemporary, universal mode of using the objects reflects a break with the scholarly course of American art history.
There are various examples of art objects in America, including the whirling, which reached its maximum development. However, the exact time when the first wind toy or whirling in America was constructed. Due to their fragility, some whirling fashioned before the nineteenth century second half have survived. Sculptures in form of stones, wood, or metal developed into popular totem polers, royal Maya stelae, colossal Olmec heads, and golden Inca statues. Presently, they are still central to domestic cultural heritage management and museum collections.
Politics and socioeconomic issues have impacted American material culture. During the late 90s, conceptualism played a key role in America. Artists in this part of the world turned conceptualism as a tool for questioning the nature of art and its role in retorting to societal crisis and needs in combination with politics, pedagogy, and poetry (Schlereth, 1982).

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In American material culture, particularly in art objects, several cultural changes have taken place. First, it has undergone cultural diffusion where there have been transformations of art objects from one cultural group or society to another. This has been a major transformation, with the evidence that art has really diversified.
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