The Cognitive and Psychological Development of a Child.

Complete 6 pages APA formatted article: The Cognitive and Psychological Development of a Child. Children at this stage learn behavior that allows them to be independent of their parents. Their learning is mostly accomplished by imitating or mimicking their parents, other members of their family, or their playmates (Bastable, 2003). Their physical development follows the pattern started during their infancy years, but their movements and skills are more refined and focused. Guidance and supervision of their movements are still very important at this stage because preschoolers lack sufficient judgment about their movements. Their sense of safety and security in their actions lack sufficient discretion, hence they are likely to experience falls and tumbles. The preschooler is also still very much in the self-centered or egocentric stage. Other viewpoints are often ignored by these children. Sexual identity and curiosity also set in at this stage as preschoolers become more aware of their body and their different body parts. They fear pain and body mutilation. they see health as a reward for good behavior and as a go-signal for them to play with their friends. on the other hand, they see illness as a punishment for some wrong they have committed (Bastable, 2003).
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