The effect of the media when communicating health research |

Find a recent media or social media report (within the last year) that discusses research findings (media report can be in written, audio, or video form). 
1) Summarize the media report. 
2) Answer two (2) of these analytical questions:
a) What do you think the impact on the public could be?
c) What assumptions could be made which are potentially incorrect?
d) How might different individuals or groups of people interpret the media report differently?
Background resources for this discussion question:
Resnick, Brian (2019, June 11).  Hyped-up science erodes trust.  Here’s how researchers can fight back. Vox. (Links to an external site.)
Kotwani, N. (2007).  The media miss key points in scientific reporting. Virtual Mentor, 9(1):188-192. (Links to an external site.)
Sousa-Pinto, B., Anto, A., Czarlewski, W., Anto, J.M., Fonseca, J.A., Bousquet, J. (2020).  Assessment of the impact of media coverage on COVID-19–related google trends data: Infodemiology Study.  Journal of Medical Internet Research, 22(8). e19611.

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