the evolution of windows operating system.

Your assignment is to prepare and submit a paper on the evolution of windows operating system. The development of the first Windows graphical user interface was first announced by Microsoft’s founder Bill Gates in 1983. The operating system was to be an upgrade from its MS-DOS operating system which had been shipped for IBM PCs and other compatible computers since 1981.
Microsoft worked on the first version of what was to be a new operating system and its Interface manager codename was almost taken as its final name. However, the Windows name was eventually selected because it best described the various computing windows or boxes that were found to be fundamental to the new operating system. Two years after its announcement, Microsoft was finally able to ship its Windows 1.0 operating system and as a result of this relatively long period between its announcement and shipping, sceptics were referring to it as vaporware before it was successfully launched. The new operating made it easier for people to use computers because rather than having to type the numerous and sometimes complex MS-DOS commands, one now had to simply move a mouse to a specific point and then proceed to click the way through various screens or windows (Shinder & Shinder, 2003). When launching the new unique software, Bill Gates is quoted as describing the software as being unique and designed for use by the more serious PC users.
The new Windows 1.0 operating system afforded a number of features such as scroll bars, dialogue boxes, icons and drop-down menus that made it much easier for an individual to use and learn new programs. The operating system also offered the capability for one to be able to successfully switch among several different files and programs without first having to quit and then restart each program. Some of the additional features that were integrated into the new Windows Operating system variously included Calculator, Windows Writer, Paint, Card file, MS-DOS file management, Notepad, a game-Reversi and a clock to aid users in the easier management of their various day to day activities (Vinay, 2009).&nbsp.

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