The first research field assignment involves engaging in an observational study.

The first research field assignment involves engaging in an observational study. It is asked that you locate a site that has some relation to crime, criminal justice, or some other site specifically related to your chosen major or minor. Exceptions to this will be made based on the situation.Once a site is chosen, you will need to engage in your observation study, by finding a space where you are able to observe your surroundings while remaining focused on observing the site, and taking notes field notes that describe everything about the chosen site, describe, describe, describe….you will discuss themes later.You must include descriptions of the state/city/town where you are… your field notes should focus on descriptions of everything you are seeing and should provide vivid details that can inform your study. Describe the setting, the people, the place, and the purpose of the setting (ie. A courtroom for domestic violence cases). Your goal should be to provide enough description that the reader will easily be able to picture what you are seeing. What stands out? What are some of the themes that you are seeing? Again, don’t get caught up in the analysis yet, but do make notes of your thoughts during the process. You should spend at least 60 minutes in the field for this project.After completing your observation study, you must complete this field assignment by typing up your field notes and adding in your analysis of the study. What were the themes that stood out to you? Were there any surprises that came up that you were not expecting? What were your overall thoughts and considerations that came from your observation study? If you could think of one suggestion that came from your study what would it be? Your typed field notes and analysis should be completed using formatting for paragraphs, headings, 12 pt. font, and be at least 500-750 words.

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