The Future of Movie Theaters |

Is the cinema theater dead? It seems as if new methods of delivering and viewing media are popping up all the time. Today, we can watch films from our streaming accounts virtually anywhere, including from our phones. We can stream movies directly to our devices and view them from the comfort of our own homes.
Moreover, the prevalence of streaming services has changed the way we view TV episodes and movies. The phenomenon of “binge-watching” has transformed stories that may have once been reserved for the big screen into shorter 6-10 episode “seasons” and made available all at once. However, movie theaters still exist in every city and town, and people can still be seen lining up to buy tickets or popcorn for a showing.
Initial Post: Write one to two paragraphs, answering the following:

1. Is the cinema or movie theater “dead?
2, What do you think is the purpose and function of movie theaters today?
3. Do you still go to movie theaters? Why or why not? Are there certain films you prefer to see on “the big screen?”
4. Share suggestions for ways that the concept of the movie theater may evolve in the future.


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