the impact of lyrical messages on the well-being of african americans.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on the impact of lyrical messages on the well-being of african americans. Needs to be plagiarism free!
Music is everywhere and everybody listens to music at one time during the day. There are various genres of music that have evolved over the years. gospel, hip hop, reggae, rhythm and blues, rap and disco. Modern music has a great influence on how a person conducts themselves, their thoughts as well as actions. An individual also speaks in the language that is used in the music they listen to. The most influential yet unrealized influence of music is the psychological effects that it brings to an individual and the society at large.
The society today unconsciously operates on morals that are depicted in music. whether good or bad. The rationale of the study below is to determine how and the extent to which music has impacted our society today. We shall take a look at the impacts on people and the culture as it plays a vital role in defining our societies.The song to be analyzed is “I got hoes” by Ludacris. The song is in the genre of rap. one where an artist tries to bring out rhythm in his music. The society has highly criticized rap music for the language used in it yet there is part of the society that highly glorifies rap music.

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Ludacris happens to be a highly renowned rap musician in the music industry today. Many claims that he has a talent that lacks in other rappers and that is why he has made it to the top of the charts so easily. To deeply understand the song “I got hoes” one has to analyze not only the lyrics in the song but also the video and the type of language used. This will call for viewing of the video and obtaining the lyrical aspect of the song.The one possible way of analyzing this song is by mere observation of the video and listening to the lyrics.
This method also calls for critical thinking on the part of the researcher. In addition to critical thinking, one must have a good understanding of music so that they can give a good out musical analysis.&nbsp.
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