The key elements of the Comedy of Manners. To refresh your memory, here are som

The key elements of the Comedy of Manners. To refresh your memory, here are some important components of Comedy of Manners:1. Theme is centered on manners and social conventions.2. Witty language, verbal wit, short and sharp dialogue–but hollow characters.3. Highlights artificial values.4. One’s place in society is a constant theme–how does one move up or down?5. Fortune hunting is usually involved.6. Love and marriage is commercialized–the reason someone would get married is to inherit money, get a trust, move up the ranks of society, etc.7. Those in higher rungs of the society are shown to be shallow and superficial.8. Hypocrisy is prevalent in the characters.————————————————————————————————————————————————For this assignment, I would like you to look at a more modern version of comedy of manners in either television, film, or theatre. I would like you to watch one of the following below and look for the items listed above. You will need to look up the tv shows, films, or performances yourselves. I have not included links in this assignment.Then, in this response, tell me what you watched and which of the above came into play. Describe where and how. Lastly, would you call the piece you chose and watched a COMEDY OF MANNERS? Why or why not?Television Shows that Contain Many Elements of Comedy of Manners: (choose just one episode to write about)SeinfeldFrasierUgly BettyThe NannyFilms & Stage Plays that Contain Many Elements of Comedy of Manners:BoratMy Fair Lady (based on original play Pygmalion which you can also view)Pride and PrejudiceCluelessBridget Jones DiaryGosford ParkThe BirdcageWhat a Girl WantsKnives OutCrazy Rich Asian

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