The Manufacturing Industry: Shijiazhuang DeLin Industry and Trade Co Ltd.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on The Manufacturing Industry: Shijiazhuang DeLin Industry and Trade Co Ltd. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The company has a history of the production of only quality products and does not reciprocate on quality in the market. This goes hand in hand with the promotion of excellence in the market that it operates in. some of the products that the company produces are. ceramic tiles, carpet tiles, floor tiles, mosaic marble and many different types of tile products. With an employee total range of 100-500 at any one time in its operation, the company has developed to become a high stake in the industry and with the slightly over 20 years of operation, it has developed very strong manufacturing in technology-based production. It’s sales and marketing to the market is also a very efficient strategy in that the company has good customer relations which have made it dominate the Chinese market for a good length of time. Therefore, undertaking an internship at such a company exposes the subject to very objective experience in the respective field of study. With its technology applications, the company introduces the learner to the most current methods of sales and marketing. A typical day week was comprised of a range of activities that were carried periodically either on a day to day basis or weekly basis. There are those activities that were based on appointments and had to be referred to on a weekly basis. As a sales assistant at the company, there was a vast range of activities that were relevant to the course which was being done. One of the duties was that of an assistant sales staff work at the company. In this capacity, the work involved constituted helping potential customers to access purchases at the company. Tracking customers was another sales activity that was involved in at the company. This was tracking the orders that the company was to implement. When a company was having a pool of activities involving the use of orders, there was a need to get a follow-up activity that was used to make the customers be able to create continuous sales activities in the company. Tracking of the orders is used to make a follow up on the orders made to customers so that there is no single lost market for the company. Communication is very important in marketing. This marketing and sales are based on the fact that one is able to communicate and convince the customers to be able to purchase and be able to purchase again when another chance like that presents itself. Sound communication was therefore important in tracking the customers in their whereabouts and then initializing the programs that would make a positive transaction between the company and the customer. Once some of the business activities had been initialized, it was necessary creating a link through the available communication channels at the company to make sure that new sales opportunities are created to new customers. This was created through enough business networking through the internet and all the technological sources available. Development of new customers is a very strong progressive step towards the development of company sales. In the creation of new customers, there is always a need to create a safe and sound networking procedure. A safe and sound procedure is that one which would give security to the customers so that they do not lose their trust in the company as well as the creation of their profiles with the company.
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