The Modern Equivalents of the Four Horsemen Apocalypse.

Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic The Modern Equivalents of the Four Horsemen Apocalypse. The global partnership is also identified to be inefficient owing to challenges as well as threats for political and government interventions along with cultural differences (Russel, 2014).
The current global scenario is recognized to possess both positive consequences with respect to global alignment as well as negative consequences owing to the outbreak of different types of lethal diseases and frequent occurrence of wars. The world is currently under the threat of weapons proliferation and terrorism symbolizing mass destruction, which is adversely affecting the security, stability as well as prosperity agenda to a large extent (Mabey, 2007). In this regard, the essay emphasizes the threats and challenges to future stability, security and prosperity assess to be the modern equivalents of the four horsemen apocalypse.
The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are identified as symbolic descriptions relating to the different events that might happen at the end of the world. The horses of four different colours which include white, red, black as well as pale are ridden by different beings. The riders of the four horses reveal different aspects that include conquest, famine, and war along with death. The four horsemen represent the apocalyptic vision about the future of the world at the end of times. Horsemen are symbols of immortality as well as a power acting as a tool relating to destruction as well as chaos at the time of apocalypse. The riders of the horses possess different power for the execution of the apocalypse effectively. The four horsemen of the apocalypse are described in detail hereunder.

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The rider in the white horse represents conquest, which signifies that evildoers will be conquered for the development of societies as a whole. The rider is identified to have a crown and also equipped with a bow representing the Holy Spirit and purity.&nbsp.
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