The paper has to be four to five pages.  Please do not write more than four to f

The paper has to be four to five pages.  Please do not write more than four to five pages.  I will stop reading on the fifth page and you will get graded off what I read.  For each page over five pages I will take off 10 points for each page.  The font size of the paper must be 12 in Time New Roman.   Please do not try to use a bigger font size to make your paper four or five pages.  Please double space the whole document.  If the paper not four to five pages, I will not read the paper and you will receive a zero on the project part.  Please use MLA formatting for reference page.  Please make sure you have a reference page and cite all sources.   Please have the paper in APA formatting.  Please google an example of APA formatting.  No plagiarism. Make sure you cite all your sources.  Paper OutlineHistory (Who created it, What year, Who uses it?  General History)DefinitionAdvantages and DisadvantagesInteresting FactsExample of where it is used.What audience uses this product?And many more information you think is important.ConclusionNote:  Please make sure you have lead in sentencesThe research papers are to be written in your words.  Copy and paste is unacceptable unless it is cited.Must include the following:Cover page with title and your nameIntroduction/overview of topic and issues to be discussedBackground, description, and/or history Advantages, Disadvantages, etc.Summary (your comments or evaluation)List of at least three references.Library, Internet sites, Topics from Class

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