The Principles and Types of Electron Microscope.

Need help with my writing homework on The Principles and Types of Electron Microscope. Write a 1500 word paper answering; The higher magnification is achieved because the waves of electron particles are approximately four times shorter than light waves (Chandler and Robert, 158).
The technology involves the substitution of a series of electric and beam of electrons that form electromagnetic fields instead of light beams and optical glass lenses used in the lightest microscope. Electron Microscopes apply the principle of electromagnetic and electrostatic lenses to regulate the direction of electrons. The electron beam used in the electron microscopy is much shorter wavelengths thus allow a higher degree of resolution as well as high contrast. The principle of magnification by the electron lenses is based on several stages and each stage must take place in a vacuum (Chandler and Robert, 161). The electron beam first goes through a tiny aperture in a positively charged anode then is passed through the condenser which is the first electromagnetic lens. The function of the condenser is to concentrate the beams which are very important for increasing the focus. This is achieved by bending the electron paths towards an axis as is seen in the converging glass lens. Since electrons are very sensitive to magnetic fields, they can be controlled by changing the current passing through the lenses (Chandler and Robert, 162).
After focusing the beams by the condenser lens, the highly concentrated electron beam then strikes in a different chamber that is sealed by a carefully prepared known as O-rings. The specimen prepared is what the beam of light passes through in order to magnify it. The varying levels of material density also play a vital role in the magnification process since the beam is also made of particles. This is what influences the lightness or the darkness of the final image that is viewed by the operator. In this respect, the preparation of the material placed on the specimen itself is very important. According to Chandler and Robert (171), the effect of bombardment will therefore vary according to the thickness of the material under microscopy.

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