Pick one or any other similar dispute which uses Rights Theory on both sides and do an analysis. You can give me a brief introduction and conclusion but I also what three paragraphs of analysis. Paragraph 1, make a Rights Theory argument for side 1. Paragraph 2, make a Rights Theory argument for side 2. Paragraph 3, use Utilitarianism or Virtue Ethics to do an analysis of the case.
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The post the-problem-with-using-rights-as-the-means-for-ethical-decision-making-is-that-one-person-can-say-quot-i-have-a-right-to-quot-and-the-response-can-be-quot-no-you-don-t-quot-from-these-two-contradictory-positions-how-do-we-move-forward first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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