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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the single-sex education. Several major studies have been conducted in order to come to the definite conclusion – whether single-sex education is beneficial and brings better educational results. However, there is still no single answer as to the prevalence of single-sex education and thus it will be interesting to look at what advantages and disadvantages this kind of education gives to its participants (students).
It should be noted, that the difficulty of distinguishing the principal advantages and disadvantages of single-sex education is in the fact, the single-sex classes are formed with various aims and have various implications. the researches conducted in this area, usually lack uniformity. this is why the basis for the single-sex education in this work will be taken as the conscious choice of parents to teach their children separately from the children of the opposite sex. this will give broader grounds for seeing the disadvantages of this kind of education.
Single-sex education is ambiguous area, and besides its advantages it also possesses disadvantages, as any other notion. I suppose that through all the advantages single sex-education gives, it still becomes the basis for gender stereotyping and lacks socializing, which is essential for children besides providing them with scientific knowledge.

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One of the advantages which are implied when a girl or a boy is sent to a single-sex class is that he (she) will be better prepared for the different roles men and women play in the adult society. These differences touch the roles, the sexual and social behavior which girls and boys should display when adults. In these cases, it appears, boys and girls were separated because of assumptions about their physical abilities and characteristics, their social and personal functioning, or beliefs held by adults regarding “appropriate” interaction among or between the sexes. However, in connection with this, the question appears – whether such type of education is a kind of sexual discrimination and should it damage natural behavioral patterns which both girls and boys should have in the adult society?&nbsp.&nbsp.
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