The SR-30 Turbojet Engine Performance and Work Analysis.

Need help with my writing homework on The SR-30 Turbojet Engine Performance and Work Analysis. Write a 1250 word paper answering; This analysis has several overriding assumptions. These include:
Equation 1 is used in each location using subscript 02 as exit and subscript 01 as the inlet. The density anywhere in the system can be calculated from ideal gas law using a gas constant for air (Rair = 287J/kg K).
The entropy in the system is calculated using Equation 3. This is assuming the flow is classified as Rayleigh flow. Rayleigh flow is steady, the one-dimensional flow of ideal gas having constant specific heats passing through a constant area duct with heat transfer and negligible friction.

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The basic operation of the compressor consists of a stationary casing and a rotating impeller producing high-velocity air. The compressor rotates at a very high rate imparting a high speed to the outer edge of the vanes. The high speeds present require high strength materials to be used in the construction. The compressor has a diffuser section which decelerates the air thus creating high pressure. The compressor contains relatively low temperatures and can be considered to have a constant heat capacity cp=1.005 kJ/kg K and ratio of specific heat capacities k=1.4. The compressor is assumed to be isentropic, meaning constant entropy from the compressor inlet to compressor outlet/turbine inlet. Compressor work can be calculated from equation 1.
The SR-30 Turbojet engine uses a reverse flow annular combustion chamber. The annular type combustor is used because of the low frontal area and weight for the given volume. The reverse type allows the turbine to be radially inboard of the combustor permitting a shorter engine. The air entering into the combustor is at high pressure from the compressor. The high-pressure air mixes with the fuel as it is sprayed in. The fuel is assumed to burn at constant pressure and the resulting high temperature, high-pressure air is exited to the turbine. The combustion process has a high air to fuel ratio because the excess air is used to cool&nbsp.the turbine.
The total energy produced from the combustion process can be calculated using the lower heating value of the fuel and the mass flow rate of the fuel.
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