The Use of Correctional and Rehabilitation Facilities and New Juvenile Laws.

Write 5 pages with APA style on The Use of Correctional and Rehabilitation Facilities and New Juvenile Laws. Examples include the formulation of mental health or drug courts. The courts handle crime cases of youths that have drug problems or mental disorders as opposed to the normal judicial system.
Willison et al (2007) add there is also the enforcement of stringent parental accountability laws. The laws are being enforced whereby the parents of the offenders will be criminally or civilly held liable for the misbehavior of their children. The law determines that the actions of the children are based on their parent’s upbringing. Based on Kohlberg’s Cognitive Theory of Moral Development. Stage 1 of the Pre-conventional level stipulates that children behave based on what they are told by their authority figure. If children are threatened by punishments by their superiors, they will act in obedience. Therefore, juveniles behave inappropriately due to a lack of proper morals (Gauvain & Parke, 2009).
Prevention and intervention measures. There has been numerous research regarding the causes of youth delinquencies. The researches are aimed at understanding the causes of youth delinquencies to provide a transformational program. Some of the measures include rehabilitation programs, for example for the mental and drug-addicted juveniles. The programs focus on providing treatment measures to prevent future reoccurrences.

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The reduction of juvenile court records confidentiality. Nowadays, many states have minimized the confidentiality of juvenile court proceedings and records. The court process has been private whereby the records have been kept secret to be revealed when they are of the right age (Willison et al, 2007).
Political influence has promoted the deviation of the juvenile court system to the criminal justice system. Some of the policymakers are selected to favor the appointing party. An example is where some of the state judges are appointed by voters while others by governors.
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