thesis and an outline on When China Rules the World.

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on When China Rules the World. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. The future supremacy of China on the global level is now fairly well established and Jacques takes the reader back to where the European economies and China differ in the way they operate. The persistent focus of China’s government in recent years to grow as an economic power was set out clearly to put the future dominance in context. Thus the book portrays the very true picture of the global economy and where it will be heading towards in the future. &nbsp.Chinas rise to become the “Economic Super Power” i.e. global dominance is virtually inevitable and the developed western world needs to be worried about this progress.
In proclaiming the above notion, Jacques takes on an alarming global establishment and breaks off some typical stereotypes. Some of the major among them are for example the idea that Western civilization reflects the height of universal achievement i.e. they have been put at the benchmarks and that the success of all underdeveloped individual countries will always be measured by how closely they are to that western model. In this book, Jacques has presented a convincing and thought-provoking analysis of the international trade and economic trends that defy the common fallacies of the West and their stereotyped assumptions regarding development and growth, that to be fully modern and developed economy, a nation must become democratic, financially transparent and legally accountable and a pro-capitalist. He credibly states that China is on the path of taking over as the worlds dominant economic power and eventually when it becomes, it will make the rules of the game, on its own terms, with little regard for what came before and what was set to be the world benchmark for centuries of rule over the world.
China has not resisted alphabetization. there is a useful alphabetical form of the written language i.e. called ‘pinyin’, which most Chinese children and plenty of foreigners learn first while learning the Chinese language. The influence of the Tiananmen killings was not limited. there were several uprisings and rebels, both on a huge and small scale, all over China in different cities, and perhaps using the word ‘Tiananmen’ on the internet can dig out a huge amount of relevant content.&nbsp.

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