thesis on the topic same-sex marriages in their society: the idea of cosmopolitanism.

Write 5 pages thesis on the topic same-sex marriages in their society: the idea of cosmopolitanism. In the modern world, it is easy for people from different regions in the world to meet for example through the internet and share each other ways of life. Some acquire new cultures. some change their view on sexuality and even decide to have same-sex families.”When it comes to change, what moves people is often not an argument from a principle, not a long discussion about values, but just a gradually acquired new way of seeing things”(APPIAH 22). The attitude towards same-sex families in France may be influenced by countries that have accepted same-sex marriages like the United States. Appiah shows that if the discussion on same-sex marriages is handled slowly and carefully, people in nations like France will gradually acquire new ways of seeing things and eventually incorporate same-sex families in their culture. For a nation like France where the issue of same-sex marriages is under debate, French natives are forced to take sides, those that support same-sex marriages or those that already live as same-sex couples are hated and discriminated. viewed as the lost and the bad people in the society. “Two strands of cosmopolitanism: One is the idea that we have obligations to others, obligations that stretch beyond those to whom we are related by the ties of kith and kin, or even the more formal ties of shared citizenship. The other is that we take seriously the value not just of human life but also of particular human lives, which means taking an interest in the practices and beliefs that lend them significance”. This means that one should care about other people’s lives even those not related to them by blood.
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