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I have attached my thesis I need you to do
1/ check the format go over all chapters correct grammar and typo and text make sure there no pilgrims
2/ write a whole chapter about the fundamental of Electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) or electron spin resonance (ESR) spectroscopy and different type of spin label radicals
3/ make sure to fix reference by adding For any articles or journals that you found online please add a DOI at the end and remove the hyperlink as well. If you have trouble finding any let me know. They are usually at the top by the title and publishers.
3/ add the reference below each figure except the results figures 4/ re write the cancelation and just write that by saying that increasing temperature the spin label incubate more in membrane with further explain based on that idea
5/ make sure to arrange the material and method on one chapter
6/ the Result on another individual chapter ( make sure to keep the result on thesis file beside the result I have attached on here
) 7/ the discussion on one individual chapter 8/ make sure to fix index I have attached 3 file the first file include the thesis file the second file include the whole result file the third file include the calculation

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