This is a continuation of a prior project I had, I attacted the files What need

This is a continuation of a prior project I had, I attacted the filesWhat needs to be doneManagement Report and AnalysisEvery annual report includes a section written by management putting its spin on the company’s financial results. It’s an opportunity for them to explain what’s going on in the business in more detail in addition to its numbers. Sometimes they provide explanation for the numbers, discuss new products or relationships with suppliers and customers. This section is commonly named Management Report and Analysis, but your company may use a different but similar name.As you review this section of the annual report, keep in mind that this information isn’t audited. It is told from management’s perspective. View it with a little more skepticism.For this part of the Annual Report Project,Please refer to the Management Report and Analysis section of the annual reportSummarize the top three significant points made in this report.Please explain why you chose these points. For example, was one of them the driving factor in this year’s financial results? Or do you believe it will have the most impact on future financial results? Why?Financial AnalysisComplete a set of common-sized financial statements for your company for the most recent two years.Complete the following ratios for your company for the most recent two years:Current RatioWorking CapitalRate of ReturnGross MarginNet MarginRequired Reflection QuestionsHave these ratios gone up or down between the two years?Did you find any other information that might explain the change?Have their been significant mergers or acquisitions that affected the company’s growth?What are the primary business strategies as outlined in the annual report or news articles?Do you think that the financial analysis has or will have an impact on the company’s plans for the future or its potential for future growth?

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