This is a Reaserch Paper on Data Science. The Reaserch paper should include: A

This is a Reaserch Paper on Data Science.The Reaserch paper should include:A brief backgroung on Data Science (When it was created, by who, who were the first companies to use it)An extensive explanation on what data sciece is.The importance of data scienceExplain the diference between data science and big data.Data science and its relationship to big data and data-driven decision makingDescribe Predictive algorithmsMacine LearningData Science Use CasesHow can companies profit from use of Data ScienceWhere is data science going to be in 5-10 yearsFrom Business Problems to Data Mining TasksSupervised Versus Unsupervised MethodsData Mining and Its ResultsThe Data Mining ProcessBusiness UnderstandingData UnderstandingData PreparationModelingEvaluationDeploymentCitations are required* with a bibliography at the end
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