This is a Research Paper for School of Social Work at a MASTERS level. Deadline

This is a Research Paper for School of Social Work at a MASTERS level.Deadline is Flexible. I can move it by a day or two.I need to explain Drug/substance abuse (illegal and legal) in Young adulthood (ages 18-40)using theories in the Behavioral Perspective OR Psychodynamic Perspective. You can choose either perspective based on which emperical (peer reivewed journals) you can find. I need atotal of 6 emperical sources. Please see attachment on instructions for the Research paper.I have uploaded the exact instructions for this research paper, as well as Behavioral and Psychodynamic Perspective theories. I need to stick with only ONE Perspective. So it will either be Psychodynamic Perspective (theories that fall under this perspective) OR Behavioral Perspective (theories that fall under this perspective). Cannot do both.If you choose Behavioral Perspective, you have to stick to theories of this perspective whichinclude: classical conditioning, operant conditioning, cognitive social learning theory, cognitive behavioral theory, dialectical behavioral theory, and cognitive processing theory. You canuse all or a few of these theories.If you choose Psychodynamic Perspective, you have to stick to this perspective’s theories1) Ego Psychology 2) Object relations theory 3)self psychology 4) relational-cultural theory 5) drive or instinct theory 6)topographical theory of the mind 7) structural model of the mind 8) attachment theoryI need to talk about who in this age group is most at risk for developing a substance abuseproblem: examples: homeless, the poor, minority groups (African Americans or POC) forinstance, trauma victims, those who were incareratied.And then for treatment side, you can talk about treatments for substance abuse disordersuch as CBT, Motivational Interviewing, DBT, psychoanalysis (talk therapy) or others that fall under the perspective you’ve choosen.PLEASE PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me questions. I am paying you but I also want to helpto get an A+.

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