Three researchers created Project Implicit, which is a non-profit organization a

Three researchers created Project Implicit, which is a non-profit organization and international collaboration that focuses on educating the individuals and groups on their biases.Part 1: For this assignment, you will complete two implicit bias tests listed on the Project Implicit website .The results of the tests I took are attached. – The class focuses on Diversity and InclusionYou will write a 1-2-page reflection paper outlining what you learned from taking the tests and your results. Clearly explain how taking the test and answering the questions made you feel. Discuss your results and if you feel they align with your past and present experiences. – I am an Arab woman from Kuwait (That is why I may have a non-intentional preference for POC)Lastly, describe how the results will impact your ability to lead DEI in your workplace and community.Part 2: Then create a corrective action plan (2-3 pages) explaining how you will take the various resources to design your own personal intervention strategies to address your implicit bias as you move forward. How do you plan to address your unconscious bias? Note every students result will differ based on their selection in test and results.Remember you must follow APA 7th edition formatting. The paper should be double-spaced, one inch margins, Times New Roman, 12-inch point font. Include headings and sub-headings throughout the paper.Submit your paper using appropriate APA style (title page), proper source in-text citations, and a reference page citing at least 4 sources from the course.

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