TOPIC: PR Case Study Part 4: Final Draft Pitch Letter Utilizing the feedback provided (ATTACHED) in your pitch letter template, use the attached information to dr

01 Jul TOPIC: PR Case Study Part 4: Final Draft Pitch Letter Utilizing the feedback provided (ATTACHED) in your pitch letter template, use the attached information to dr

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TOPIC: PR Case Study Part 4: Final Draft Pitch Letter
Utilizing the feedback provided (ATTACHED) in your pitch letter template, use the attached information to draft your pitch letter.

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Attached is another example of a pitch letter. Use it to help you draft your letter.
APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.
You are not required to submit this assignment to LopesWrite to verify plagiarism.

Topic 7 – Pitch Letter Sample
Email Subject Line:
Hi (Editor/Reporter Name),
Use content in template to write a cohesive email pitch. This should include a hook, applicable event information, sights/sounds, and any other relevant angles that the specific reporter may find interesting or tied to recent events. You should also include any applicable materials that may aid the reporter, such as a press release about the occasion, photos, links, etc.
This should be in email format, as pitches are usually calls, followed up with emails.
Grand Canyon University
COM-370-Principles of Public Relations June 21, 2022.
PR Case Study Part 2: Pitch Letter

What is the most eye/ear catching information about what is happening?

The most eye-catching idea or information is that you can get engaged in some activities that are diverting the input and impact of various youths of different backgrounds and basis such as mathematics and technological advancements. The information can be essential for both genders across the youth generations.
You can become invested in things that are pulling youth of many diverse
cultures and backgrounds like technology and math. It is something that is for
both boys and girls
Solid start. This pitch letter will go to local media to entice them to cover your event. I’m not sure this will quite to it. You need a “hook” to catch their attention and get them to pick up the phone or tap out an email to you to give media coverage to your client. What makes this event so important? Why is it worth covering? Why should viewers care and want to get involved?

Why would viewers/readers care about this event?

The readers and viewers would appear to care of this event after understanding and viewing that it is not based and geared towards to a certain group of individuals but open to every individual interested to participate. Every individual will feel much welcome to engage and no single person will have the burden of feeling isolated or abandoned from the event. Every individual will be much considered and welcomed to participate in the event.
Good start. Push your ‘hook’ – why is this important for the public to know about? What sets it apart from others. Think of surfing the internet, watching TV, scrolling social – what would catch your eye? You need to provide something great to get journalists to bite and give your client the exposure they crave!

How does this apply to the local community?

This applies to the locality in an essential way since every individual will be free to join and engage in this event. Every person in the local community will be allowed to feel safe while engaging in the event without much a struggle.
Please make sure you provide specifics here – details are very important to get members of the media interested. There is a ton going on and you want to set yourself apart!

What should the journalist expect to see?

The journalists have expectations of certain demonstrations and illustrations where kids and youths are shown and illustrated on the use and implementation of different technological levels and mathematical implications which are essential to different kids both boys and girls.
When pitching, you MUST provide very specific visuals. What will the journalists see if they send a photog out? Are you having a big event? Celebrities passionate about the cause? Free stuff? Please BE SPECIFIC.

What should the journalist expect to hear?

They are eager and anxious to hear how the kids will engage in different activities as provided in the event. The journalist expects to hear how kids are privileged to engage in the program and how they are allowed to participate freely after signing up for free in the program.
More details needed here. When pitching, you MUST provide something pleasing to the ear. What will the journalists hear if they make the trip out? Please BE SPECIFIC.

Who are the parties involved? If it’s an event, who will be attending?

Some of the parties involved are the Walt Disney Company and the Disney Philanthropic Organization alongside the participants of each and every event who are basically the individuals affected and touched by the event in one way or the other (Wisneski, 2020). Some of the participants are Bob Chapek who was the chief executive officer at the Walt Disney Company and Jennifer Cohen who is the vice president of social responsibility at the company.

Who will be available for an interview?

Jennifer Cohen, the vice president of social responsibility is available for the interview
Please name – full names (always verify spelling) of all involved. A PR practitioner should always supply at least TWO interviewees.

List three interesting or unusual facts that apply to your company, industry, campaign, or organization.

The company believe in some interesting and unusual facts such as giving back to the society.
The company also have a great passion about the future of the kids before or as they transition into youthhood.
The company also engages in the belief for a great future that holds and is characterized by unique evolutions.
These are a good start, but they really need some very unique details to hook the journalist/public.

List applicable times, locations, and dates.

June 16th March 2022 at 0830hrs at the Disney corporate offices, Anaheim Ca
June 17th March 2022 at 0930hrs at the Disney corporate offices, Anaheim Ca
Please make sure you provide all details – include exact address, etc.

Where can viewers/readers go for more information?

Investments in Youth – The Walt Disney Company accessed from
Please provide details. Also, depending on your demo you may want to incorporate social media. Podcasts, etc. Most under 60 have a smart phone.
Please makes sure you are paying close attention to target audience/demo when you consider social media and internet. Most under 60 have a smart phone those above may not so phone numbers and more physical/non-technology related details may be necessary.

Are there pictures you can provide that give the journalist a better idea about your pitch?

Who is the contact that they can reach out to on that day?

The contact that can be reached out on that particular day is the chief communications director.
Please make sure all details are provided. At least two contacts should be provided.
Here’s an example:
Jacqueline Toppings Director, Brand Public Relations, Hilton Hotels & Resorts Cell: 703-883-5381
Colleen Hart
PR Coordinator, Agenda PR
Cell: 703-883-5382
[email protected]

I decided to select this event since during the COVID-19 pandemic, it would be the best event which considers the observation of the WHO and government’s safety protocols especially for kids and it is essential in including every single individual in the activities. The event will be essential in bridging the gap existing in terms of diversity and incorporate the issue of inclusion for individuals from various ethnic backgrounds especially in different cities which can be essential in the program. I have a main goal of bringing change for all individuals of color and incorporating them in a non-discriminative way to engage in math, science, and technology. I believe there is always enough space for every individual at school or in such events.
Wisneski, K. (2020). The Walt Disney Company and Corporate Social Responsibility.

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