topic transformation leadership: raising the ethical bar.

Write 6 pages thesis on the topic transformation leadership: raising the ethical bar. If leaders want that employees participate in a dynamic, collaborative environment where they interrelate with each other in a better way to share their ideas and information, they would have to take steps to improve their communication with their workers, listen to their problems, talk to them and work out their issues. Workers will automatically start following them and the overall organizational culture will improve. This is called the transformational leadership (Brown & Travino, 2006) in which the leaders produce such an effect on their subordinates that they inflict a “transforming effect” on them thus producing “sweeping changes in organizations and societies” (Priyabhasini & Krishnan, 2005, p.1).
Now, let’s consider how the ethical side of transformational leadership plays its part in an organization’s efficacy and sustainability. If the leadership is flourishing, competent and brawny, then the outcome is more prolific than anticipated. We know that the accomplishment of an organization depends mainly on value-based actions and decisions. If a leader works according to his values and sees a manufacturing error in his product, then he will certainly tell the client about the fault without hiding the truth. He will discuss the issue with the personnel and the client to let them know that he genuinely wishes to remove the error. This endorses confidence between the company and the client and also motivates other employees to follow the same directions. Furthermore, ethical leadership will take care of the employees so as to preserve a vigorous environment within the organization. An ethical leader will verify that the salaries are being paid in time. will pursue a system of rewards and bonuses. and, will listen to the employees’ troubles and will try to remove them. This will keep them working at high competence.


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