Topic: You will further develop your Argument Essay 2 into a research paper by a

Topic: You will further develop your Argument Essay 2 into a research paper by adding support from additional secondary sources, and by revising and editing errors. Just to be clear, you will be literally using your Argument Essay 2 as the foundation of this essay and adding research to expand it with additional support for your argument. Therefore, all the rules about title, formatting, style, etc. that apply to Argument Essay 2 also apply to Research Essay 2.Word Count: 1,500 words.Some notes about the sources: Remember that the purpose of these sources is not merely informative; the research should support your thesis. In addition to the one required source from PCI, and the one required source from the LSC-Tomball Library database, you should have at least 4 non-PCI secondary sources. That is a minimum of 6 sources. All sources included must be reputable academic sources from either the LSC-Tomball Library database or Google Scholar.Each source must be used at least once throughout the text.Use at least one block quote and three “regular quotes.”

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