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I need some assistance with these assignment. tourism marketing Thank you in advance for the help! The research is thus undertaken to understand the different dimensions of tourism marketing and ho this elates to marketing of tourist spots and what are the approaches involved in marketing such tourist places or locations. The concepts of brands and creativity or innovation are also highlighted in the discussion.
There are several research questions in this study and based on these research questions, some of the research articles and analysis published in journals will be examined and a comparison of the research approach with the already published research viewpoints will be sought.
The main research question is whether or how the approach to tourism marketing and management should change or differ in case of architectural landmark as against tourism marketing of regular destination or location. Are there special approaches to promoting a particular tourist spot and how is it possible to differentiate between destination and location and tourist sites such as architectural landmarks in tourism marketing and management Considering the approaches to tourism marketing in promoting destinations and tourist or architectural sites as brands, several research studies and published papers could be used to substantiate the background of the study.

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The research study is to be focused on destination marketing and tourist destination as brands as it is important to develop branding approaches for any successful marketing venture. As Kerr (2006) has indicated, destination marketing organizations with government support have been responsible for promoting certain locations and tourist spots and there is suggestion to review such responsibilities and approaches. However there are downsides to destination marketing as this sort of marketing is solely tourism focused and tend to overlook stakeholder prospects or investments in these locations so may not be completely productive for the overall development of a location. Brand management of any particular location deals with the holistic approach of actually changing the potential of a location from an ordinary location to a tourist friendly destination. However according to Kerr there is a need to reform destination marketing practices as it is important to address brand management of locations. Kerr draws out a distinction between destination brand and location brand with the potentially relevant research areas as in the study of brand management of locations.
In another related paper, Perivoliotis and Margaret (2007) studied local tourist producers and businesses involved in artifacts and textiles. The paper focuses on how tourism marketing could bank in on the strengths of the local markets and cultural heritage of any product and also brings out the importance of creativity, innovation, productivity, education in any tourism marketing and management initiative.
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