Translating Evidence-Based Knowledge into Clinical Practice

Creating a Culture for EBP
This week APA paper will focus on two areas…but it is only one paper.

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Please use level one headings to separate the two parts of the assignment.
As we review the EBP process, please notice each student has already begun his or her own journey on the EBP Process.
Each one has already created a PICOT question, searched for evidence and practiced evaluating the evidence.
From this point, Nurses need to learn how to implement the information/evidence for his or her PICOT question into their Clinical setting. (See chart 9.3)
    What barriers might you face in implementing a new practice to address your research topic (as identified in Module 1)?     Describe strategies that could be used to increase success including overcoming barriers.
Then for the second part, one will:
Describe six sources of internal evidence that could be used in providing data to demonstrate improvement in outcomes for your change project. (see pages 227-228)
Suggested Headings:
Steps Integrating EBP Clinically
Steps (Individually; Discuss each of the 8 steps of integrating an EBP change into the clinical setting)
Barriers and Strategies
Sources of Internal Evidence
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