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Learning Outcomes 1-9

Recognize and explain the role each mode of transportation plays in the economies, demographics, and politics of the national and international community.
Discuss, analyze and compare the development of each mode of transportation.
Compare and evaluate the historical development, characteristics, and current issues concerning air, highway, sea, rail, and urban transportation.
Examine the role of state as well as federal governments, politics, and economic realities involved with the maintenance and regulation of each mode of transportation.
Describe the impact that technology has on the transportation industry and study the methods used by each mode to improve profits and performance.
Discuss and analyze how and why national and international transportation policy, rules, methods and procedures are developed and applied.
Explain how organizations operate as systems that perform the core function of moving people and goods through transportation networks.
Discuss the political, legal, and policy issues concerned with the planning and development of new or improved transportation systems.
Analyze the role and importance of intermodal transportation within the transportation industry.

You will find and/or create artifacts that demonstrate your mastery for each learning outcomes. Each artifact will be accompanied by a rationale that explains how the artifact demonstrates your mastery, and provides context for the artifact. Each rationale should be approximately 1/2 page in length.
You may also find or create new artifacts to demonstrate your mastery; these could include relevant images, YouTube videos, news articles, or other types of artifacts. However, it is imperative that you cite where the artifact came from as well as fully explain how this artifact relates to and demonstrates your mastery of the Learning Outcome.
There are a variety of formats you can select from to present your Learning Outcomes Portfolio. You are encouraged to review the list of suggested tools (listed below)
and experiment with several before making a final decision. Keep in mind that your instructor will not provide technical support for any of the tools, but links to tutorials have been provided in the above link as well.

Should include picture, graph etc…..PLEASE CITE ALL WORK
I have attached an example

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