treatments for adhd in children.

Create a 8 pages page paper that discusses treatments for adhd in children. They may also have trouble in getting on with other children of the same age group. These difficulties can persist as they grow up, particularly if it is not properly diagnosed and treated. Children with ADHD may appear functionally impaired in many areas and may engage in a broad array of problem behaviors that frustrate and disrupt family, school, and peer relationships. Their inability to sit still and pay attention in class may lead to school failure, truancy, and dropping out. However, ADHD is not related to intelligence and children with all levels of intellectual ability can have ADHD.
Overactive behavior: If a child is characterized by races around the classroom, may wander around the room, restless, or repeatedly tap a pencil, interfering with other children’s activities, and may be seen as mischievous and unwilling to learn, then these behavioral disorders can be classified as overactive behavior. Hyperactive children seem to be constantly in motion.
Impulsive behavior: Children with ADHD may be impulsive in many ways, such as saying or doing the first thing that occurs to them. In other words, they do not think about the consequences. They are also easily distracted by irrelevant things. These children find it difficult to carry out everyday jobs which involve patience. They will find it hard to do any activity which involves waiting to give an answer, or in which they have to take turns. Impulsive children tend to act without thinking and often seem unable to control their immediate reactions to people, events, or even their own thoughts and feelings. As a result, they may speak without thinking or dash into the street without looking for traffic. Most children experience transient episodes of these symptoms, perhaps due to stress or in response to certain medications.

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Attention problems: Children with ADHD have a short attention span. They find it difficult to concentrate and therefore hard to learn new skills, both&nbsp.academic and practical.&nbsp.
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