1. Read the article(ATTACHED BELOW Top Trends In Parks) and type a 1 page summary.

2. Read the (ATTACHED REPORT NARA) National Recreation and Parks Association and submit a two page review.

3. The leaders and officials in your town have reached out to you to identify programs that can meet the ever changing needs of the community. As a leader of the department you are tasked with developing a new program that you feel will not just meet the needs of your community now but moving forward into the future:
From the article assignment (ATTACHED BELOW) this week and through other sources you research you must design a new program idea that shows your ability to follow trends in the industry and have a feel of the pulse of the community.
Design a power point presentation that introduces your idea and gives a full description on what the program will be. Include the following:
Name of the program, location. duration, times, dates and ages that are appropriate for the program. Include a price for the program as well as a cost for creating and implementing the program. Your cost cannot exceed what you take in for the program in registration money. (Self Supporting Budgeting)
Also create a survey that you would send out the residents for their feedback prior to establishing the program and include that in your presentation. Finally an evaluation sheet that you would have available for people to offer feedback after they take part in the program.
Finally as all of your programs are inclusive for all people explain how people with disabilities will be accommodated.The post trends-issues-m6-1 first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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