Underpinning Theories and Models Applicable to Leading Assignment

This assignment provides the nurse leader the opportunity to examine the underpinning theories and models applicable to leading as a nurse administrator.Goals:

Apply theories and concepts of leadership to the current healthcare environment.
Analyze the effects of leadership styles, approaches, and strategies on organizational behavior and staff behavior in a specific setting.
Analyze the leader’s role in mentoring and succession planning.


Review leadership literature. Focus on evidence-based leadership styles, approaches, and strategies. Summarize and synthesize key findings.
Interview a nurse leader who you think has significantly influenced health care. The nurse leader should not be from the agency where you work. The nurse leader should be at least two levels above your current position.
Discuss the following topics and support your analysis with the literature. Based on your interview, describe and analyze the following:

The leader’s personal philosophy of leadership/administration and leadership style.
Critical events that led to the leader’s personal leadership philosophy and style.
How the leader’s personal philosophy and leadership style influences organizational behavior (provide specific examples).
How the leader’s leadership style influences the behavior of staff and employees (provide specific examples).
How the leader applies evidence-based management / evidence-based decision-making to his/her practice and how the leader promotes evidence-based practice within the organization and among staff (provide specific examples)
How the leader promotes a culture of patient safety and health care quality (provide specific examples).
How the leader rewards creativity and innovation (provide specific examples).
How the leader develops future leaders (mentoring) (provide specific examples).
How the leader plans for succession (provide specific examples).

Compare and contrast the information gained during interview with your findings from the literature.
Paper should be between 5-7 double-spaced pages excluding reference list, using APA (6th ed.) style and grammar guidelines. Headings are required and should be consistent with grading criteria. Review use of the personal communication citation in the APA manual.

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