Use of Informatics in Professional Nursing

This week’s graded discussion topic relates to the following Course Outcome (CO).

CO3 Demonstrate effective verbal, written, and technological communication using legal and ethical standards for transferring knowledge using success resources provided to Chamberlain students. (PO 3)

How do you use informatics and technology in your nursing practice? How do you see that use changing in the future? What ethical issues have arisen or might arise from use of technology and informatics in professional nursing?
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Class,I personally find electronic charting less time consuming, however, I often worry about staff who might click through the different areas without doing a true evaluation of the patient. I think this is especially likely to happen when the day has been extremely hectic and/or chaotic and the shift is close to ending. While I think paper charting will become more and more obsolete, I wonder if there is a way to ensure electronic charting is done as thoroughly as it needs to be. Do any of you have the same experiences or thoughts?In addition to the questions above, please answer the question below:1. What are your greatest challenges in the use of informatics and technology in your practice?Thank you in advance for all your hard work – I’m looking forward to reading your posts about this particular topic!Mary Ann Reply

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