The purpose of this assignment is to have students synthesize the data analysis concepts they have learned so far in the course. Students will apply SASĀ® for data analysis and analytics to discover trends that can be applied to business issues and influence business decisions.
Resources: SASĀ® Visual Analytics software
Using the database and organization from your Week 2 assignment, describe the business problem that you are trying to solve and identify how data trends can be applied to the problem. You will create a business report in which you present the conclusions of your analysis and describe both the data and the steps that you took to reach these conclusions.
Prepare a business analysis report using a maximum of 1,050 words, and complete the following:

Define the business problem that you are trying to resolve.
Identify the data source that you are analyzing.
Explain how the data was collected (if known).
Describe the fields available in the data source.
Assess the preliminary results of your data analysis.
Apply your analysis of the data to the business problem.
Recommend potential solutions to the problem.
Select a proposed course of action to resolve the business problem based upon your analysis of the data.
The post using-the-database-and-organization-from-your-week-2-assignment-describe-the-business-problem-that-you-are-trying-to-solve-and-identify-how-data-trends-can-be-applied-to-the-problem first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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