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1. Answer the 3 questions provided with reference support your discussion with evidence-based research:(within 5 years) Identify 3 “aha’s” as you have progressed through the program.2. Reply to two peers post copied below 6-8 SENTENCES WITH REFERENCE for (THEOLA RANDALL AND ZUOCONG RONG)Identify 3 “aha’s” as you have progressed through the program.
The first “aha” moment as I progressed through the program was “this is doable while working full time, married with three kids and school”. I was unsure if I had enough time to get it all done without falling apart. The class schedule was truly setup for the working professional. The classes are in five week intervals and if I needed a break then I could take time to regroup. The class coaches were easy to contact and help when needed.
The second “aha” moment as I progressed through the program was my research class. As I was taught how to take the time to research and analyze peer review articles, professional journals and finding clarity to what we find, we can decide how to implement evidenced based care into our daily practice.
The third “aha” moment as I progressed through the program was this course. Capstone has really made me sit down and think about the future of my career as a nurse. I mean I thought about it but having a comprehensive plan as to FNP or Nurse educator has been the two areas that I have zoomed in on and want to get more information about the whole process and how to get started and pursue. I have a timeframe and goals set to start in a few months. I am just waiting to hear back on acceptance into the program.
What are your thoughts now regarding the role of the professional nurse?
I have always had a high regard of the role of the professional nurse. My mother is a nurse and has been for the last 45 years, in Cardiac Thoracic ICU. She has always set an example for me to keep up with my education. She speaks about learning and growing as a professional nurse. She has taught me to attend workshops, seminars and classes to learn skills, changes in care and new equipment.
As I reflect back over the last year, I now view the role of professional nursing as a position of opportunity. As a professional nurse we have many ways to contribute to our profession. The roles vary from bedside nurse, supervisor, advance nurse practitioner and the list goes on. The research on the impact of the BSN on patient outcomes states, “ Increasing the number of BSN-prepared nurses or higher in hospital settings was associated with the reduction of 30-day mortality and failure to rescue”.
How will you use your role as BSN professional nurse in the future?
I am truly excited about obtaining my BSN degree. As the hospital is working toward magnet status for our location in Waxahachie, it is important for the nursing staff to have their bachelor’s degree. It is also seen as ability to handle supervisor and management roles. I look forward to gearing toward a supervisor role on the unit.
Haskins, S., & Pierson, K. (2016). The impact of the Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) degree on patient outcomes: A systemic review. Journal of Nursing Practice Application & Review of Research. Vol. (6)(1). Doi:10.13178/jnparr2016.0601.0705.
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Zuocong Rong

I think throughout the RN-BSN program, there is a lot “aha’s”. One of them is learning how to do nursing research. Nursing research is essential to every nurse. Learning the right way to do nursing research will help us to gain and getting most evidence-based practice information and it will help us apply our knowledge in our work. Using the internet to do nursing research will be easier and faster and provide more resources than traditional paper article research. “One of the advantages of web-based learning is that learners will be able to access the online programs any time and at any place.” (Cho, K., & Shin, G., 2014) Another one will be how to apply and develop my leadership in work while I learn more about leadership in the course. Leadership is another important lesson for me. I believe after finish most of the course I become more confidences in both the theory and my practice during my work. I am also able to start to develop my leadership at work. The third one I think it will be the course about lifespan and older adults. We did a project about interviewing with older people, let them look back at their whole life and evaluate how they feel about their life. It just makes me think so much. How our choices will lead to a different path of our life; And how each of every person has their own story, we should to open up and listen if they are willing to share. There are more things I could discuss, but overall I would say the RN-BSN program does help me to understand better what is nursing and makes me a better nurse.
Regarding with role of the professional nurse. I am currently working in the telemetry unit; I started this position after 1st Semester of my RN-BSN program. I learn from both school and work every day. It was hard, but now I am very confident and independent at work; I did become a better nurse. I am gaining not only knowledge, experience, but also I developed my network of relationship with other nurses. Now I see nursing in a different point of view; I see more opportunity in the future.
For the cultural and/or spiritual aspects, I would say the number one thing is to respect and accept the differences. I will continue how I current practice to respect all cultural/spiritual aspects and try to communicate and understand from others’ point of view. I think this will help me to provide better patient care and support my patient to achieve a better outcome.
Cho, K., & Shin, G. (2014). Operational effectiveness of blended e-learning program for nursing research ethics. Nursing Ethics, 21(4), 484-495. doi:10.1177/0969733013505310

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