Walmart Strategic Marketing Plan Bibiligraphy & Presentation Help

Create a professional presentation (using MS PowerPoint) that the CEO has asked you to share with the Board of Directors of your chosen healthcare institution. For this project, you will develop a strategic marketing plan; assessing the organization’s environment, identifying the consumer market, developing a mission and vision statement, summarizing quality initiatives, developing a plan for marketing the organization, and creating a monitoring measurement metric, to ensure future success of the organization.
The project will consist of the visual representations of the following elements:

An introduction of the organization
A mission and vision statement
A SWOT analysis identifying the organizational competencies and strategic advantages
Identification of the consumer, key stakeholders, and market
A summary of a marketing direction for the organization (e.g., expansion of a service or new program)
Recommendations for monitoring performance measurements to ensure the success of the organization’s strategic plan.


Your presentation should be 10-15 slides in length, excluding the title and reference slides which must be included.
The presentation must be submitted as a PowerPoint file (.ppt)
Each slide must provide detailed speakers notes – a minimum of 100 words per slide.
You need to cite at least 12 sources for this assignment.

Prepare and submit a bibliography of research sources that you plan to use for the Portfolio Project. The bibliography should include at least 10 credible reference sources. The bibliography entries must be formatted per the APA-6th format.
Develop an outline of your SWOT analysis identifying the organizational competencies and strategic advantages. This can be in a table or bullet format identifying the organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Submit in APA 6th format.

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